Worth knowing about leather


The leather is not the same as leather. There are different ways of working and to Tan. Each of them would be arranged of drying out. Aniline leather is extremely soft and supple by its naturalness and open pores provide breathability. The results are that leather in the winter not cold is and in the summer not sweat.

Another thing, pigments are easier to clean and are especially recommended for families with children or pets. Here is the leather crushed velvet-like and therefore it looks very cuddly. The typical patina can be used every day.

Natural features and craftsmanship

The choice of leather skins is made by specialists according to strict specifications and high test standards. For a sofa set are different skins needed.

The animals live under different circumstances, no skin is the same. Insect bites or injuries leave small scars, these scars will be seen as a natural feature in the finished leather.

Manure folds are a sign of health and good nutrition of the animals. All these features are typical of the material and have no influence on the quality and durability of your leather furniture.

There are also different in gloss, colour and structure within a skin and between the interfaces of a folder are characteristic. Leather has naturally softer and firmer skin areas and extends by the released body heat during use. This causes waves in the reference that needs to be smoothed. Favourite places documenting this particularly clear.

The care of a leather furniture is very important to guarantee a long life. Leather that is regularly cleaned and maintained, remains elastic and thus hard-wearing.

Best before and after the heating season, but at least once a year, you should maintain his leather furniture properly, so it doesn’t dry out. For this, you should use the care kits offered by the manufacturer, as each type of leather requires its own care.


Commercial soaps, detergents and household cleaners degrease the leather and make it brittle, which can lead to permanent damage. Even conventional microfiber cloths and rinsing sponges can have a dragging effect and thereby damage the leather. Do not try to clean the furniture with alcohol as it would dissolve the leather colour. Shoe polishes are NOT suitable for impregnating leather furniture!

In short, the leather is a wonderfully durable natural product with special features. Each piece of furniture is unique and needs to be taken care of to maintain its beauty over many years.

We have some care sets in stock. Inquire however beforehand by phone with us.