Move with the time.

Today, everyone knows Gaggenau from ovens and steamers. The way there, however, was a very interesting one.

Gaggenau, a small town in the Murg Valley, at the foot of the Black Forest. Here, the company Gaggenau was founded in 1683 by Margrave Ludwig Wilhelm von Baden (1655-1707) as a hammer and nail smithy. He uses the iron ore deposits in the Murg Valley to develop new sources of income for the impoverished peasants. This is how he laid the foundation for the success story of the brand.

As industrialization progresses, a new chapter begins for the "Eisenwerke Gaggenau AG". With a small number of factory workers, the company manufactures agricultural machinery, hardware and tools.

As of 1880 Gaggenau, as a specialist in enameling, produced billboards for brands such as Odol, Maggi and Stollwerck.. The product range is adapted to the new century. Gaggenau is doing pioneering work with innovative product lines such as coal and gas stoves, as well as bicycles.

Gaggenau has been specializing in kitchen appliances since 1931 and ranks among the best in this segment.

We plan Gaggenau appliances in the course of kitchen planning.


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