Cooking in the comfort zone.

The principle BORA - or - physics can be so beautiful.

The cooktops from BORA do not allow cooking fumes and odors to rise and spread in the room, but sucks them in where they arise: directly on the hob, directly from the pot, roasting pan, pan, grill. This is not magic, but applied physics according to the basic principles of fluid mechanics. BORA simply uses a cross-flow that is greater than the rate of rise of the cooking vapor.

The more cooking fumes are drawn before they are sucked in, the more odor and fat particles spread in the room, settle on furniture surfaces and penetrate fabrics. The result: You and your guests will notice the smell from roasted, boiled and stewed food for a long time. BORA effectively puts an end to this. Fat particles released during cooking are no longer distributed in the room but are enclosed in the stainless steel grease filter. The result: you cook like in the fresh air. After cooking, simply close the cover and the odors remain in the filter.