Living trends 2018

Living trends 2018

Our facility reflects, in one way, our personality. We want to make our home a place of well-being where we can relax and where we can feel ourselves at home. Furniture and accessories that make us happy. Memories of travels from the past, a special design furniture and a mix of materials that match the respective preferences, that’s what makes every house separate. Regardless of this, however, every year there are new trends in life created by influences of fashion and lifestyle. For the next year the following things.

Durability and tradition.

More than ever, people desire to furniture ‘made in Europe’ and the old craftsmanship is appreciated again. You want to have a piece of furniture that has a story with his. The issue of the production site is no longer a subordinate issue.

Back to the roots.

The trend of natural materials such as solid wood, stone, wool and silk is still unbroken. Whether it’s a sofa cover, a coffee table or a carpet, the transfer of materials that are used have to be attention for detail. About such small details of our manufacturers attach a lot of value. Whether it’s a neat seam, a special wood connection or proportions after the golden section. Quality furniture can also be clearly distinguished from cheap replicas.


In contrast to the minimalism of the past years, a new trend developed: velvet, marble and coppers. Velvet looks soft and flickers like a gemstone. Marble is always greatly appreciated and finally finds recognition again. Each marble furniture is unique in its grain and colour. In combination with copper furniture and accessories in our house our own little palace.

Round is the new square.

The circle is the most original of all forms and has different meanings: it stands for infinity and timeless. Round shapes are more comfortable and form a nice contrast. We love round dining tables because everyone can speak to everyone actually without getting lost. Round furniture has often a challenging situation more than their angular brothers and sisters.


The trend for coffee and side tables is too delicate frames and feet, as with Walter Knoll Joco or Oki. This float formal is delicate and elegant and fits into any room.


The colour of the year 2018 is ‘Ultra Violet’. The courage for more colour is introduced. Other trend colours are forest green, yellow and blue. These colours are now combined with dark wood. Whether it’s a colourful velvet pillow or a sofa in a beautiful pastel shade. In 2018 we will certainly see more than just grey and beige furniture.