The Grünbeck history

Bereits in dritter Generation besteht das Unternehmen Grünbeck Einrichtungen in Wien. Alles begann 1932 mit Hans Grünbeck, als er seine eigene Tischlerei gründetete. Heute ist Grünbeck ein Planungbüro für Innenarchitektur und Designhaus mit über 1100 m² Fläche. Noch heute werden individuelle Möbel nach Maß gefertigt.

For over three generations furnishing has been our passion.
Hans Grünbeck, born in 1904, founded his carpentry apprentice shop in 1932 in Mollardgasse in Vienna. This was the foundation of today's business. At that time, he employed 45 employees and had a business in Wiedner Hauptstrasse and in Westbahnstrasse. In 1940, they moved to the present location, Margaretenstraße 93. In addition, he opened two shops in Vienna, which were operated until 1996 in the Wiedner Haupstrasse 17 and in the Westbahnstrasse. As a down to earth entrepreneur, he gladly returned to his hometown Hirschbach to support the beautification and tourism association there.

His son Johann Grünbeck, born in 1935, studied at the Academy of Applied Arts in Vienna and was awarded the State Prize for Furniture and Interior Design in 1957. After school, he went to Sweden, where he could learn from various architects. In 1985 he received the title Magister Artium from the Academy. In 1979 Viennese furniture dealers founded the Viennese Group for Interior Design. The goal was the promotion and marketing of high-quality designer furniture. The group ended its economic activity in 2005. Grünbeck Einrichtungen is one of the last 3 active former members.

 Stefan Grünbeck, born in 1966, studied interior design and furniture design at the HTL Mödling and then attended the Vienna University of Technology, where he devoted himself to architecture studies. After graduation, he completed several internships in carpentry and for architects. He has been with the company since 1996 and took over from his father in 2009. Since then he has been constantly expanding the Gründerzeit House in order to present you a selection of international design brands. With over 1100m², Grünbeck is one of the largest design houses in Austria.
Since then, we value a well-tuned interior design in which you feel comfortable. Light, colours and materials should harmonize with each other to convey a perfect sense of space.

The family business today

We have our planning office and showroom underneath one roof. With over the 1100m², Grünbeck is one of the largest design houses in Austria. Grünbeck houses the Rimadesio flagship store for Austria and is VIP partner of well-known manufacturers such as Treca Paris, Walter Knoll, Wittmann, Vitra and Rolf Benz.

Our team of interior designers has years of experience in design and planning, focusing on refined details, coordinated materials and the light feeling. We create places that reflect the character and style of our clients. Rooms in which one our clients feel comfortable, relaxed and at home.

Are you planning a redesign of your living room or are you about to build a new house? We are happy to help you with planning! You can make an appointment: 01 544 8339