Charles & Ray Eames


Everyone who is interested in design furniture has probably heard once of the names Charles and Ray Eames. Their designs are still among the most significant of the 20th century. The furniture and accessories of the designer couple were far ahead of the time in their creations and are still highly modern and functional today.

First of all, the beginning of their story: Charles and Ray met each other in 1940 at the Cranbrook Academy in Michigan. After they met each other they started a project together and participated their first drafts in competitions. Already in 1941 the two married.

The designer couple were extremely, experimenting and designing new, body friendly shapes with a variety of materials. In 1940, they developed a new technique for making plywood flexible, that’s how the internationally renowned Lounge Chair and the Eames Elephant stool were created. The Lounge Chair at that time was a stark contrast to the current furniture. Sitting in the Lounge Chair was not only comfortable and secure, its elegant, curved wooden shell and graceful frame mad for a modern lightness that he has not lost until today.

The couple was always anxious to find the best and most comfortable form for their furniture. Soft, organic lines and good design should be combined. Different bases, materials and colours should make the seating individually customizable.

In 1948, Charles and Ray set the next milestone in their careers. They experiment with fiberglass which they deformed and developed the internationally known Eames Plastic Chair. This one is copied often, but the difference between original and plagiarism can be seen immediately. Nothing achieves a carefully thought out piece of furniture whose quality Vitra attaches great importance to today.

Overall, the two designed over 100 pieces of furniture. You may have already seen many of them in a restaurant, hotel or maybe on the television.