20 years Walter Knoll and EOOS

It all started with Jason…

It was in 1997, when three Austrian young designers, who called themselves EOOS, introduced themselves to Walter Knoll and offered their collaboration. They became immediately sympathetic, got to know each other quickly and appreciated. The first developed product “The Jason sofa” became a ground-breaking success.

Twenty years later, Jason still exists, and is as popular as ever. The continuous and intensive cooperation of EOOS and Walter Knoll has resulted in the following 100 other products. Which were not only awarded many prestigious design awards, but appeal primarily to people and their needs for a modern living and working.

Martin Bergmann, Harald Gründl and Gernot Bohmann, who call themselves "EOOS". Ave followed their own approach faithfully, conscientiously and unwaveringly since their studio foundation in 1995: the "poetic analysis". It is their tool to explore deep-seated images, rituals and myths that form the basis for new designs. So it is their way to creativity. Through the culture of human rituals they question the meaning and function of design and give their own answers. Answers that please - worldwide and cross-métier.

In addition to Walter Knoll, Bulthaup, Duravit, Zumtobel, Lamy and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation these are just a few of the names that EOOS has also successfully worked with for years. In 2004, the trio was even honored with the coveted, independently awarded design award "Compasso d'Oro".